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ChatGOT: Use ChatGPT 4, Claude, Midjourney, Mistral, Gemini and Llama all on one platform for only 10$ per month at the Chat GOT website. This is how.

What is Chatgot?

Chatgot is a platform that brings together the capabilities of different AI chat assistants into one easy-to-use interface. It’s designed for people who love talking to AI and want to interact with various AI personalities, each offering unique perspectives and expertise.

The AI Agents on Chatgot:

  • GPT-4.0
  • GPT-3.5
  • Gemini
  • Claude 1
  • Claude 2
  • Midjourney
  • Llama v2
  • Mistral
  • Mythomax
  • Dall-e
  • Stable Diffusion
  • SDXL-Lightning
Choose an AI bot in the ChatGOT dashboard. You can switch between bots in your workflow, and many are included in the free trial version.

How Chatgot Works:

Chatgot acts as a central hub where users can interact with top AI models, like GPT-4, Claude V2, and Google PaLM 2, by typing the ‘@’ symbol followed by the AI bot’s name. This way, you get targeted responses from the AI best suited to your query, making information exchange smooth and efficient.

Chatgot Features:
  1. Direct Conversations: Easily ask specific AI bots questions using the ‘@’ symbol.
  2. Multiple AI Responses: Tag multiple AI bots to get a range of answers.
  3. AI-Powered Creativity: Create art on demand with Chatgot’s AI.
  4. AI Evaluations: Enjoy dynamic interactions where one AI critiques or discusses another’s response.

Accessing Chatgot:

To use Chatgot:

  1. Visit:
  2. Log In: Use your Google account to log in.
  3. Start: You’ll begin with a free trial version.

Using Chatgot:

  1. Log In: After logging in, you’ll see a chat interface.
  2. Select AI: The top of the interface shows the available AI models. By default, you chat with ChatGPT 3.5, but you can switch by typing ‘@’.
  3. New Chat: Click the ‘New Chat’ button to start fresh.

Chatgot’s Capabilities:

  • Multiple AI Models: Access various AI models for diverse responses and expertise.
  • Customizable Characters: Soon, you’ll be able to create specialized AI bots.
  • AI Bot Sharing: Share or monetize your custom AI bots.
  • Web Browsing: Get the latest information via popular search engines.
  • Privacy Protection: Conversations are encrypted to keep your data safe.
  • Personalized Experience: Interact with preferred AI bots without switching platforms.
  • Multilingual Support: Communicate in various languages.

Potential Applications:

Chatgot is versatile and can be used for:

  • Education: Students and teachers can get instant information and creative learning interactions.
  • Research: Streamline information gathering for scholars and researchers.
  • Marketing: Gain insights and develop strategies through AI-driven analysis.
  • Content Creation: Help with optimizing and generating content.
  • Translation: Break language barriers with multilingual support.

Who Can Benefit from Chatgot?

  • Programmers: Get coding assistance or debugging help.
  • Marketers: Gain insights into consumer behavior and campaign optimization.
  • Product Managers: Source AI advice for feature development.
  • Educators: Find new ways to engage students and supplement teaching materials.
  • Researchers: Quickly find relevant data and synthesize information.
  • SEO Specialists: Refine strategies and improve website visibility.

Chatgot Pricing Plans:

GPT-4.0: 600 requests per month GPT-3.5: 5000 requests per month Gemini: 600 requests per month Claude 1: 600 requests per month Claude 2: 300 requests per month Midjourney: 100 requests per month Llama v2: 1000 requests per month

Pricing Options:

  • Monthly subscription: $16.90/month
  • Yearly subscription: $154.80/year ($12.90/month, save 24%)

Is Chatgot Free?

Chatgot offers a limited free trial for 7 days with 15 requests per day. To get more usage, users can upgrade to a paid subscription.

Support and Customer Service:

Chatgot will provide customer support to help users get the most out of the platform and resolve any issues. Details will be available on their official communication channels.

Integration and Compatibility:

Details about integration capabilities and available APIs for Chatgot will be provided in future updates.

User Reviews:

Chatgot has a user rating of 4.7/5 stars on Product Hunt, and a 4.6/5 on, with positive feedback from programmers, marketers, product managers, researchers, educators, and SEO specialists.

To learn more about Chatgot:

Whether you’re a professional or an AI enthusiast, Chatgot can make you more effiecient. We recommend the platform.

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